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Isolator-Feedback Circuit

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADum4190

Hello Everyone

I want to design a feedback circuit for ADum4190, the input would be the duty cycle voltage from my circuit board. I want to build a curcuit which when the voltages drop to zero does not shut down the system as the input voltage range for ADum is 0.35 to 1.5V. If this voltage drops to zero how can i design a circuit so that the feedback circuit react and keep it in the power mode?


  • Hello,

    Are you asking to have a circuit that will always output a voltage on the output pin? The input voltage range of the ADuM4190 refers to the range where the linearity of the input to output transfer function will be within the specified accuracy. If you deliver an input of less than 0.35 V, the ADuM4190 will still have an output, but the gain error might be outside of the datasheet limits.

    If you are looking to have a minimum voltage present at the output pin at all times, you might be able to use a wired OR with a low voltage on the second leg.