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Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC4312
Software Version: NA

I want to connect an LTC4312 to two downstream devices that can be bus masters. They both have the same address. The two devices periodically broadcast certain data.

Here is how I see this working.

Enable channel 1

Wait until complete broadcast is received

Disable channel 1

Enable channel 2

Wait until complete broadcast is received

Repeat continuously.

Will this work? Or is there a better device to use?


  • This could work since the mux has a bidirectional SCL and SDA.  With bus controllers on the down stream side of the mux, you'll want to be sure to connect the DISCEN pin to GND so that the stuck bus disconnection features are disabled.  (This feature detects a stuck bus, disconnect the down stream sides and send 16 clock pulses to the stuck downstream side to unstick the downstream target device).

    Perhaps you've got this figured out already, but you'll need someway to coordinate which downstream bus / controller is connected. I think what you described will work in normal operation, but what about other cases?  For example, what about start up ?  Will the Ch 1 controller always be the 1st one to broadcast?  What is the impact of having the wrong channel connected and missing a broadcast? etc.