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is it Possible that adm3068`s Logic level 5V and 3.3V?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: adm3068


I`m designing RS 422 communication Circuit by using ADM3068EARZ

so, I have a Quastion

i want RS 422 Communication Voltage level 1.8V to 5V (1.8V is output From Board/ 5V is input From External connector)

but I don`t Find that ADM3068 can Convert  5V to 1.8V or 1.8 to 5V

I hope to Know If  ADM3068 can Communication Between 5V and 1.8V when Vio is 1.8V and Vcc is 5V  and How much Voltage level Hi and low in this case

table 3 noted  Vio=1.65 and Vio=2V case. however, Vio-1.8V case is not

please help me 

Thank you