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ADN4624 HDMI reference design

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Product Number: ADN4624

Hi ADI team

In ADN4624 datasheet Page 19,show the HDMI example diagram

I'd like to know the capacitor and resistor value,is the detail schematic document?


  • Hi Larson,

    We have not yet published a complete tested solution using ADN4624 to isolate HDMI, but I can refer you to our circuit note using ADN4654:

    CN0422 Circuit Note | Analog Devices

    Using ADN4624 will be similar but allowing higher bandwidth so that 1080p resolution is practical (or maybe half-frame rate 4K).

    Some suggested optimizations of that circuit would be to only use the AC coupling capacitors on the outputs (don't place the 10k pull-up/pull-down resistors), and on the inputs, the pull-ups can be to the 1.8V VDD1 supply. The LVDS common mode biasing can be simplified, by omitting the 10k pull-up/pull-downs and instead splitting the termination resistor (connecting between two resistors to 1.8V). With this arrangement, it should be sufficient to terminate simply with 50 Ohm to 1.8V on Din+ and on Din-, after the AC coupling cap (with no pull-up before it).

    Best regards,


  • Hi Conal

    Based to your suggestion,attached schematic is right?

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