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ADM2587E GND2 Pin Connections

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADM2587E

The ADM2587E data sheet says to not connect Pin 16 to Pin 11 and Pin 14 for GND2, but later in the data sheet, it says to connect Pin 16 to Pin 11 on the outside of the L2 ferrite. I would just like confirmation that Pin 16 and Pin 20 are connected to Pin 11 and Pin 14 through the ferrite bead L2.

  • Yes, pin 16 and pin 20 should connect to the bus-side PCB ground, and L2 also connects to that same PCB ground (pin 16 and pin 20) with Pin 11 and pin 14 only connected to each other and the other side of L2. The intention is to filter any iso DC-DC noise on Pins 11 & 14 before connection to PCB ground and pins 16 & 20 used for RS-485/Data isolator.

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