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ADM3053 CAN Response Issue

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADM3053
Software Version: N/A

Hello, I am encountering an interesting issue when testing my circuit board, which uses the ADM3053 transceiver. The signal being sent to the transceiver (scoped on the isolated GND2 side) appears to be very nice, but the acknowledgement and return signal sent by the ADM3053 appears to be garbage (strange pulses that don't even look like CAN data). Right now it seems like the root cause lies somewhere in the hardware configuration, but I can't seem to figure out anything I did that's outside the recommendations of the datasheet. The speed of the communication is set up to be 500kbps. I have attached images below of my CAN schematic and the oscilloscope CAN waveforms. If anyone has seen something like this before and might have an idea of what could cause weird behavior like this, your expertise is greatly appreciated.