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ADM2867E not giving the output data correctly

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADM2867E

Hello All,

I am new in this forum, please let me know if I need to do certain things, or have some mistakes in asking question.

Currently I am using which is based on ADM2867E and has schematics here , and I am currently facing a problem.

My purpose is to have a communication between MCU with 3.3V and RS485 devices on different voltage system and ground (Isolated system)
I have connected RE/DE together as I am using Half Duplex for this communication

I did not receive any reaction from the RS485 device, so I was troubleshooting the MikroE board when I found out that there is no output on A B side

If you see the picture above the color is listed as below:
Yellow - B
Purple - A
RE/DE - Blue
TX - Green

From the picture above, the TX is not translated at all to the other side of RS485 A B.
After I scope it several times, I also found out that some of the signal actually passed through

Ignore the blue and green as I forgot to connect it this time

About the Board itself, I am connected the YZ and the AB as it is half-duplex and connected J7 J8 and J9 in the isolator schematics (link on top)

Please help me on my problem.

Thank you!