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Reset Pin Low issue ADUM4136BRWZ

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADUM4136

We are using ADUM4136BRWZ Half Bridge gate driver to drive SIC MOSFET_ FF11MR12W1M1PB11BPSA1,(H -Bridge Configuration),

During Double pulse test set up,

V1:220V, L1:200uH, Ipeak:100A, T1(on):55us, T1(off):10us, T2(on):10us

after that desaturation protection worked and gate pulse is turned off.

Again we  have reset control supply and power up at V1:50 V, observe that there no gate pulse at Between Driver IC pin 1 & GND, and the status of following pins are:

Voltage at PIN 5(Reset & GND) is 1.06V,

Voltage at Pin 6(Fault and GND):2.36V, 

Voltage at Pin 7(Ready and GND):3.33V, 

300K Pull down between Reset pin and GND.


Kindly make a note that this happened while to drive lower side Mosfet and this kind of RESET pin issue observed two times while testing.

Why is it happened?? Why Reset Pin voltage is 1.06V?

We are waiting for your valuable feedback, For better understanding, I am also sharing our schematic screen shots


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  • Hello,

    Due to the fact that the primary side (pins 1-8) have voltages that aren't fully on or off, it suggests something is happening on the primary side. It looks like the part is entering some sort of soft-latch, so let's explore possible causes:

    Is there any chance the input pins are being pulled below the VSS1 potential? This might come from a mismatch in controller ground and the gate driver ground.

    Is there any chance of a large voltage spike on the VDD1 line? Could the input abs. max be exceeded at any time?

    The last thing that I can think of would be a bus contention. Is there any chance of another IC on pin 5 or 6 pulling the pins low?