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The correct way to use LTC4311

Hi, I would like a guidance on how the LTC4311 is supposed to be installed. My design will have a master device and max.10 slaves daisy-chained in interchangeable order, the cable length between devices is approximately 15cm. 

  • The datasheet is showing only 1 accelerator IC is needed for all the N devices (model A), is it correct?
  • In the case of model A, where is the IC is supposed to be placed? at the beginning (master device) or the last device? Although this may be an issue since the order is not fixed.
  • If each cable is increased to 50cm and the device number is increased to more than 10, does the model A design still valid? Will model B with accelerator IC on each slave device make any difference or just plain incorrect?
  • If model B is valid, does a pull-up resistor needed for each IC?

Thank you in advance.