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LT3960 :: Multi slave connection


I would like to use a LT3960 as I2C to CAN transciever, because of a long distance between mCU (master) and sensor (slave) devices.
I would like to have isolated mCU ground from sensors device ground, so I'm planning just to connect CANSDAH, CANSDAL, CANSCLH and CANSCLL lines in between.
Some slave devices will be connected via connector, so communication lines (CANSDAH, CANSDAL, CANSCLH and CANSCLL) would go through the connector. Is it recommended to use a magnetics/transformer in such example (is it better to place magnetics near the slave or master device)?
Is hot-pluging covered/supported or is needed to use for. ex. ADuM1251 in a series with a slave LT3960 which is connected to the master LT3960 via connector?
Basic schematic:

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  • Hello Peter,

    thanks for your reply.
    So, in connecton you proposed, there is no need to connect grounds of separated together?
    According to the picture on the first page of LT3960's datasheet, difference between ground voltages should be less than 25 V (at VCC=3.3 V) or did I miss something?

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