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LTM2881IV-5#PBF Transceiver IC 's Inbuilt DC-DC Converter


We are using  LTM2881IV-5#PBF IC, in our Project. Output of inbuilt DC-DC Converter is zero while measuring IC's ON Pin, it is 5V. so in which conditions the inbuilt DC-DC Converter 's output becomes Zero ?

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  • Thanks for the response,

    We will need a bit more information to debug this issue, 

    Can you capture an oscilloscope waveform of the LTM2881 VCC2 output voltage and VCC input voltage during either of these conditions: 

    • VCC is already powered up, switch ON from 0V to VL, trigger oscilloscope on rising edge of ON signal.
    • ON = VL. Bring up VCC from 0V to 5V, trigger oscilloscope on the rising edge of VCC.  

    What external circuitry, if any, are connected to the VCC2 supply output of the LTM2881?