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Availability ADUM1200BRZ? Replacement?

Hello everybody,

the lead times on the ADUM1200 series is insanely long. Stock will be available in 2024:

Our design is using a single channel of the ADUM1200BRZ. Due to long lead times we are looking for an alternative. It does not have to be "drop-in" replacement.

Could you please suggest one?



  • Hi Daniel,

    Have you any specific application/performance requirements that might indicate the most suitable options?

    If you're only using one single channel, and package type is not a limiting factor at present then there should be many options, at least from a technical standpoint.

    Alternatives include:

    • MAX22245/46: 2-channel, 5kVrms, low power, High data rate 200Mbps, default output options, flexible supply options
    • ADUM110N: same package, flexible supplies, failsafe output options, 3kVrms withstand rating,  150Mbps.
    •  ADUM120N/121N: same package, Higher data rate 150Mbps, has flexible supply configurations and a higher withstand voltage at 3kVrms and has failsafe output options.
    • ADUM210N: single channel isolator with 5kVrms withstand voltage, has higher data rate 150Mbps, flexible supplies and has failsafe output options. 
    • ADUM220N/221N/225N/226N: 2-channel 5kVrms withstand, flexible supplies, Fail-safe high/low options, 150Mbps Data rate,
    • MAX12934/12935: 200Mbps, 5KVrms, low power, default output states, flexible supply options
    • MAX12930/31: 2-channel, 3kVrms/5kVrms Withstand rate options, flexible supplies, low-power, 25/150Mbps, 8 pin SOIC_N & 16 pin SOIC_W package options.
    • Other options such as the micropower ADUM1240/41/45/46 family may be a good option if the 2Mbps data rate satisfies your application needs and the ADUM3200/01/3210/3211, ADUM3100, ADUM1210, ADUM1280/81/85/86, ADUM2200/01 are other potential replacements that come to mind.

     Best Regards,


  • Hi Shane,

    Thank you for your detailed response. Sorry, I could not reply earlier.

    My application requires only a single channel. The ADUM provides galvanic isolation, a high voltage ESD protection is not required. Regarding data rate, the signal is a trigger pulse that is about 400 us long with a repetition rate of about 2 kHz. We'd like to see a latency of about max.150 ns.

    What is the typical jitter of these devices? I could not find any specs on it in the ADUM datasheet.


    Best regards,

  • Hi Daniel,

    For best jitter performance I'd recommend the MAX22245/46. You'll find jitter specified for each supply voltage in the MAX22245/46 Datasheet.

    Jitter is specified for our newer products in their datasheets. Examples are the ADUM110N, ADUM120/121N,  ADUM210N,  ADUM220/221/225/226N. Some of our older parts have jitter specified also, but not all of them. For example ADUM1280/81/85/86 has jitter specified.

    Best Regards,


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