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Using LTC2873 with VEE = 0V

Is it possible to run LTC2873 with external Vdd = 5V and Vee = 0 V supplies? The target is to use RS485 normally but to get RS232 output voltage levels to 5 V and 0 V. Then the RS232 mode would provide a general 0V/5V GPIO not fulfilling the RS232 specs.

  • While I haven't tested this exact voltage combination myself, this combination should work well with the LTC2873. 

    The charging capacitor between the CAP and SW pins, and the inductor between the SW and VCC pins should both be removed. The SW pin will remain switching, but without connections to the CAP and VCC pins it will not generate VDD and VEE supplies internally. VDD and VEE can then be powered externally with the 0V and 5V supplies.