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SPI interfaces for Daisy chain

We have daisy chain 8 VGA connection with SPI interfacing which serially connects (find the attachment for four VGA connection example) serial-in and Serial-out likewise from MOSI to MISO if we want to do populate data we have to populate 8x6 = 48-bit data transfer
Here the questions are
LE pin and SCLK connection are common to all nodes(hmc625)
1. when we change/modify particular VGA slave data and populate the 48bit data would it be impacted on other VGA nodes' data? and is it the right method?
2. If Interrupt occurred during populating 48bit data it would stop the process in half of the process and some of the data would be lost, in that case, what we need to do?
3. The entire process is taking time so is there any other method to overcome this latency/delay issue?