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ADM3067E / ADM3068E

Dear experts,

My project needs a transceiver with 50 Mbs data rate so I thought about ADM3067E or ADM3068E.

The question is:

what is the minimum length of a cable to have that data rate? Is it possible to use a 5m  or 10m cable?

I've read datasheet but there are not answers about this argument.

Best regards,

  • In general, the maximum cable length at these data rates is limited by attenuation and inter symbol interference effects introduced by the cable. For a given transceiver, the max cable length for a given data rate is dependent on the jitter budget at the receiving node, as well as other factors such as the cable attenuation and encoding scheme used.

    For the ADM3067E/68E, 50 Mbps over a 10 meter cable is well within the performance bounds , so there should be no issue. These devices can communicate at 50 Mbps over up to 50 meters while maintaining a total jitter of less than 30% of the 20ns unit interval, when tested with a PRBS-7 pattern.  

    Some more details are covered in this technical article. The article discusses results with the ADM3065E but the results are also relevant to the ADM3067E and ADM3068E, which use the same silicon.

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