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ADM2587E GND2 pin11 and PI14

In the datasheet, both PIN11 and PIN14 are Ground for Isolated DC-to-DC Converter. 

Judgin from Figure35, they should be connected together on the device side of C1.

Are they connected inside the device? why are they should be connected outside the device?

Can I leave PIN11 and PIN14 'not conected'?

  • That's connect that Pin 11 and Pin 14 are the ground pins for the isolated DCDC converter, and both pins are connected internally.

    It is still recommended to connect pin 11 and pin 14 together externally on the PCB, per Figure 35.

    Doing this reduces the inductance from the silicon GND to PCB GND by approximately half, which is recommended for minimum supply ripple of the VISO output and for optimum EMI performance.