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ADN4624 AC Couple Input Conditioning


I am wondering if the ADN4624 can accept AC coupled signals without introducing Bias. I am using a 1.5GBPS SMPTE IC and it would be a shame to need all those stubs.

Currently I have AC couple and 100 Ohm termination only, but the datasheet says 50mV minimum offset is required.

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  • The ADN4624 inputs do not self bias, biasing resistors would be required on the ADN4624 input side of the AC coupling capacitors. 

    If you want to avoid stubs, you could split your 100 ohm termination into 2x 50 ohm resistors, and connect the center tap to the 1.8V VDD1 supply. This will bias the input signals around the 1.8V common mode, which is within the ADN4624 input common mode range.