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Input voltage at bus terminal of these RS485 transceivers LTC2862H


What is the input voltage at bus terminal of LTC2862H?

We have our own special application on RS485 transceiver like below,

RS485 Master: connect B to GND and connect A to 12-16V.

RS485 Slave: one(can be A or B) to GND minus one diode and one(can be A or B) to 12-16V (possible 24V) minus one diode.

Will the LTC2862H be able to handle LTC2862H with the application above?

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  • Hi 

    Thank you for you response. That's good to hear. 
    I forgot to stress this in my second comment but stated in my original question, our application also include one scenario with A line at +24V and B line at GND (or vise versa) for extended periods of time when not transmitting or receiving data. 

    Will LTC2862 handle it with only +1V margin regarding the +/-25V common mode range?