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ADM3051 protection circuit

Hi, support team.

Please tell me the configuration of the protection circuit of ADM3051.
To protect CANH/CANL from ± 36V , Is there a protection element other than attached circuit?

Best regards,

  • Hi Kaino-san, 

    The bus fault tolerance is largely related to process on which the transceiver is fabricated. ±36V should be sufficient fault protection for shorts to 12V and 24V supplies. If greater fault tolerance is required, the LTC2875 with ±60V fault protection and several Maxim transceiver with ±80V are available. 



  • Thank you for your reply.

    I understand that there is no special protection circuit, but it is related to the manufacturing process.
    Thank you for your recommendation for ±80V protection products.

    best regards,

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