FIDO5200 EtherCAT driver porting for TI's Hercules RM48L952 MCU


We are working on MCU RM48L952 Integrating with ADI REM Switch (FIDO5200) for EtherCAT using EMIF Parallel Interface. We got the REM Switch EtherCAT  general Driver and generated HALCoGen EMIF Driver for the MCU. But we are struggling with porting of the REM Switch EtherCAT Driver with the controller for EMIF. We found from the "REM Switch Software Driver User Guide" and " AN-1554 (Rev. 0) ( "that, the same REM Switch (FIDO5200) is already ported and integrated with TI's "TMS320F2807" with EMIF Interface. Can you please help with the example/reference file/source code for "TMS320F2807" using EMIF interface with the REM Switch. or any method/reference to integrate FIDO5200 with RM48L952 MCU.

With Regards,

Nagaraju M