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ADuM14xE Mixed Operation Volta

Hello everyone, how do you do?

Lately, we have been using ADuM5201 to isolate two circuits, provide power supply and to communicate between them.

However, we use the 5V input power to provide 5V on the output, and we are using a AND gate on the output of a microcontroller port so that it has a high logic level on the adum5201 communication input, that is, using AND gate to convert the signal from 3V3 to 5V.

I would like to know if  ADuM142E can operate with mixed operation voltage in both sides, if I could power VDD1 with 3V3 and VDD2 with 5V, or VDD1 with 5V and VDD2 with 3V3, so that I would have:

  • logic levels on side 1 VIL1<(0.3*VDD1) = VIL1 < 1V and VIH1>(0.7*VDD1 ) = VIH1 > 2V3, with VDD1=3V3;
  • logic levels on side 2 VIL2<(0.3*VDD2) = VIL2 < 1V5 and VIH2>(0.7*VDD2) = VIH2 > 3V5, with VDD2=5V.

and the opposite too, in such a way that it is no longer necessary to use a AND gate to increase the voltage of the high logic level to communicate with ADuM142E.

OBS: I will provide power supply to the second circuit using a LT8301 flyback converter.