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I am using FPGA to control on the LTC2852, The Voh of the FPGA is 2.5V and the Vih of the LTC2852 is 2V (RO,RE,DE,DI).

The distance between the FPGA and the LTX 2852 is 2000mil, The part will work ok?


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  • Hi Roi,

    The limiting factor will be the UVLO of the LTC2852 transceiver which gets triggered below 2V VCC.
    Anything above this and the transceiver should be enabled and operating as per the truth table.
    While the transceiver will function at VCC <3V, it may have degraded performance vs what is specified on the datasheet. For example, the VOD differential output voltage will be lower, and the propagation delay/transition times will be slower etc.

    As per the datasheet, LTC2852’s mode of operation should be 3.0-3.6 V. You can see this from the table here.

    They’ve tested the VIH and VIL at the corner conditions VCC = 3.6 and VCC = 3V. So in short, the specs will not be the same.



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