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Isolate MIPI bus with ADN4650

MIPI bus is combined with lvds(HP status) and single endded(LP status). My project need to isolate MIPI. Let's assume LP status make no sense to my project. Can  ADN4650 pass all the HP singles? I am worried about the when switch from LP to HP. 

  • Hi,

    Yes, ADN4650 can pass the high-speed signals. In order to pass the low power signals, a standard isolator like ADuM160N is needed, though the signal levels are 1.2V so use a level shifter like ADG3308. On the output side of the isolators, it's more complex as the high-speed signal needs to be switched out (e.g. using USB2.0 switches like ADG772) depending on the LP data (a logic block is required to differentiate between states and control the switch).

    ADuM1250/ADuM2250 can be used to isolate the I2C signal and we have isolated power solutions like ADuM6020 that can be used, as well as regulators for 1.2V and 1.8V supply (assuming ADuM260N is used in 1.8V mode).

    We don't have a ready-made design for this, and one alternative is to use an FPGA/Video IC to convert to LVDS from MIPI-CSI2. Alternatively if converting to HDMI or using an HDMI output is an option, we have a circuit note CN0422 using ADN4654 for this (similar to ADN4650 but 1.1Gbps) and ADN4624 can be used in place of ADN4654 for even higher bandwidth/resolution (1080p HDMI).



  • I will try video converter solution.

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