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ADM3054 Common Mode Voltage


I'm looking at the ADM3054 isolated CAN transceiver and I did not find the common mode voltage specification for the bus side. To clarify the spec I am looking for: the max voltage of CANH or CANL measured in reference to GND2, that still allows the device to work normally. Please do not confuse this with the Absolute Maximum Rating spec (which I did find). I do not ask above what voltage the chip may die - rather, I ask below what voltage the chip is guaranteed to operate normally. This is typically quite lower than the Absolute Maximum Rating, and I did not find it in the datasheet.

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  • Hi Guy, 

    The ADM3054 transceiver can tolerate a +12/-7 common mode range. The figure is perhaps a bit hidden in Table1's test conditions of the receiver specifications in the ADM3054 datasheet. 

    The latest generation of signal isolated CAN FD transceivers (ADM3050E, ADM3058E, and ADM3056E) have tolerate a +/-25V common mode range.



  • Thank you for the quick answer, understood. Those numbers are a bit low and I would indeed consider the alternatives you mentioned, however in a quick search in they seem to be completely unavailable (we need about 2k pieces for the project). Do you know if any of them are available anywhere for purchase?

  • Hi, 

    Very high demand is pushing lead times out currently. That is not specific to these transceivers. I would advice you to work with your distributor or your local Analog Devices contact on availability for devices.



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