LTC2870IFE Thermal Data

What is value of maximum Tc(Case temperature) and Junction to Board Resistance(R_θJB)?

Maximum value of Tc needed
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    on Jun 9, 2021 8:35 AM in reply to RamaManikandan

    Hi Rama,

    You're welcome. You can take the ICC value from the graph in the row above it.  (50mA worse-case)

    Power dissipated in the device (PDISS) = Input Power (PIN) – Output Power (POUT)

    Input power, PIN = VCC * ICC

    Output power, POUT, is what is dissipated in the load resistor. POUT =  VOD^2/RL

    Reworking the numbers out for the VCC =  3.3V  (max VCC = 3.6V)


    PDISS = (VCC * ICC) – (VOD^2 /RL)

    I spotted another mistake here:

    VOD is 2.4V in this case not 2.2 at RL=100 ohms

    PDISS = (3.6V * 50mA) – (2.4^2/100)

    PDISS = 180mW – 57mW

    PDISS = 123mW