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ADUM4221 isolation between high side output and low side output


UCC21520 have isolation voltage(VDC) between  high side output and low side output.

Can we know ADUM4221 isolation spec between  high side output and low side output?

(Is this same as working voltage in input(primary) to outputs(secondary))

ADUM4223 have peak spec between outputs.

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  • Hello,

    The isolation between the highside and lowside is not a safety isolation barrier, and is not covered by the isolation standards. It is suggested to keep creepage distances the same as would be required in a reinforced isolation situation, but since this is a functional isolation barrier, it is not specified. The creepage distance in this case is 2.34 mm. If we use the comparative tracking index, this results in a value of 1,404 V, but this assumes no outside pollution. Safety standards will reduce this number, but again, since this is a functional isolation barrier, we can't give an exact number.


  • Hi RSchnell 

    I have another question about this.

    If there is no contamination, how much absolute voltage does the device itself have?
    I don't know the coordinates of Die in the device and I don't know how much withstand voltage it has, but can it be used for an app that drives a half bridge connected to a bus voltage of 1200V, for example?

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