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Bi-directional Isolator or direction switchable isolator


my current design at Eval. lab. would need "Bi-directional Isolator or direction switchable isolator".

What I mean by this is the function, to enable the same pin to be set in one direction or opposite direction (see picture below).

Does any ADI part have this functionality?



  • Hi Arnost, 

    If you are looking to support a bidirectional protocol, you might consider a protocol specific isolation like the ADuM1250 (I2C) or the ADuM3160 (USB).

    The standard data isolators have CMOS outputs which are driven either high or low. If the intention is to have a bidirectional signal, there needs to be some measure taken to avoid contention between different outputs on the same segment of bus. I would suggest either a discrete external tristate buffer, or use one of the 4-channel standard data isolators devices like the ADuM142E. The "E" devices essentially have that feature integrated; The VE1/VE2 pins allow the output to be set to high-Z. 



  • Hi Jason,

    what an Idea about ADuM142E and output setting to Hi-Z.

    Thank you, these tips are really helpful.

    Wish you the best.


    Arnost :)

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