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ADUM14xE operation voltage

Hi everyone,

it's possible to use the ADUM142E and ADUM1251 in mixed powersupply mode?

VDD1 =+3V3 and VDD2=1V8

In the datasheet is always explained the typical voltage range for 5V/3V3 or 1V8


  • Hello Micha,

    the ADuM142E and ADuM1251 are  'isolators', hence no connection between VDD1/GND1 towards VDD2/GND2.

    As both parts offer signal level translation this scenario demands for mixed power supply levels.

    ADuM142 offers 1.8-5,5V VDDx range and ADuM1251 offers 3,0V-5,5V as VDDx range.

    The specified parameters are always stated for VDD1=VDD2, to limit the amount of data and reduce test time.

    kind regards