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ADM3058EBRIZ isolated CAN transceiver- I do not need the isolation


The ADM3058BRIZ is an isolated CAN transceiver and recommends a digital side GND1 and an analog side GND2

 If I do not have a requirement to isolate the bus, can I short GND1 and GND2 on my board and supply VDD2 with 5V and VDDD1 with both referenced to the common ground? Will this cause any performance issues or functional issues with this device? I intend to connect the line side of this transceiver on my board to a CAN test equipment such as Vector CAN analyser and never to an actual automotive CAN bus.

I had to select this transceiver as I need a non-isolated CAN FD bus running at 12Mbps and I couldn't find any transceiver other than this family which met the data rate requirement.