LTM2810 About the capacitor between GND1 and GND2

The evaluation board DC2832A states that C5 should be attached between GND.

What is the EMI when there is no capacitor between GND1 and GND2?

Thank you.

  • Please see the layout of the evaluation board DC2832 for the LTM2810.
    I would like to use a Y2 capacitor as an EMI down, but in that case, the space distance between GND will be about 3 mm.

    In order to secure the distance between GND for use at 1500V, I think that this capacitor cannot be mounted.
    Is there a CIPR compatible method with 1500V insulation?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 17, 2021 3:50 PM in reply to yito114

    Hi Yito,

    You're right. Unfortunately, You cannot use that capacitor to get that Maximum Working Insulation Voltage of 1600 Vdc that the ltm2810 provides.
    The package has a creepage of >16mm to get that reinforced isolation. so if you'd use that capacitor, it's not possible to get that rating as you correctly pointed out. For that Maximum Working Insulation Voltage, you need a creepage of at least 8mm. Reinforced is twice of that. You can also check with Jason Naso, the primary app for this part. He'd probably be able to guide you on EMI levels if you drop that cap or alternatively, give you an EMI-based solution allowing a VIORM of 1600 Vdc etc. I'll have to look into this.