LTM2810 About the capacitor between GND1 and GND2

The evaluation board DC2832A states that C5 should be attached between GND.

What is the EMI when there is no capacitor between GND1 and GND2?

Thank you.

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  • I know CISPR22

    I want to know how much EMI (db) if i do not use bridge capacitor 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Mar 23, 2021 4:20 PM in reply to yito114

    Hi Yito,

    Is removing that capacitor a curiosity-driven experiment or do you need to know what happens to EMI levels for a particular frequency of operation for an application? You can email us directly with details if it’s for an application. Also, do let us know if you’re using DC2832A-A or DC2832A-B.


  • This device is a candidate for use with an operating voltage of 1500V.
    To support CISPR 22, I think it is necessary for C5 (GND1 and GND2) to reduce EMI.
    Looking at the layout diagram of DC2832A-A, I thought that it might not be possible to secure the spatial distance(creepage) because the distance between GND is short, so I asked a question.

    Is it my belief that this capacitor cannot be added when used at an operating voltage of 1500V?

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 17, 2021 8:34 AM in reply to yito114

    Hi Yito,

    I believe that capacitor is used to implement stitching capacitance. Of course, for that reason, we have to select the capacitor with guaranteed creepage, clearance, and withstand voltage. They usually come in several grades. The Y2 grade is usually the recommended safety capacitor type for a stitching capacitor in a safety rated application. The main point of a stitching capacitor is that it requires the currents to flow to it, which can create asymmetrical image charge paths and added noise etc. We select these safety caps based on the isolation voltage rating they provide too. (Some examples given in table below). These safety caps usually help with the EMI attenuation at frequencies below approximately 400MHz. At higher frequencies, this capacitance is built into the PCB.



  • Please see the layout of the evaluation board DC2832 for the LTM2810.
    I would like to use a Y2 capacitor as an EMI down, but in that case, the space distance between GND will be about 3 mm.

    In order to secure the distance between GND for use at 1500V, I think that this capacitor cannot be mounted.
    Is there a CIPR compatible method with 1500V insulation?