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LTC2863 Failsafe Mode

Does the LTC2863 provide failsafe mode of operation like the LTC2862?  Is a termination resistor required on the receiver?

  • Hello, 

    The LTC2863 has the same failsafe feature as the LTC2862. 

    A termination resistor is not needed for the failsafe feature to function, however you may want to include a termination resistor for proper signal integrity over long cables or at high data rate. 

    For the LTC2863-1 if the cable is longer than 60cm, it's recommended to terminate the line. 

    For the LTC2863-2, the rise time is much slower and so this critical length is about 130m.

    Another consideration is that without a termination resistor the differential input voltage VID will take longer to collapse to 0V after the bus goes high impedance. This will increase the time it takes for the device to enter failsafe.