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ADUM3442 EOL Replacement


I saw that the ADUM3442CRWZ was EOL'd. This component is used in a product currently. The component does not have a fail-safe output. 

There is a recommended replacement ADUM142E1BRWZ. This component has a fail-safe high output.

There is another part in the ADUM142E family, ADUM142E0BRWZ, which as a fail-safe low output. Considering the ADUM3442CRWZ is currently used without a fail-safe output, could this ADUM142E0BRWZ part also be used as a replacement part for the ADUM3442CRWZ? Any implications of that I may be missing?

Any reason either component would not work as a direct replacement for the ADUM3442CRWZ?


  • Hi,

    The ADuM3442 is a default high isolator (refer to the Table 11 Truth Table in the ADuM3442 datasheet). 

    The ADuM142E1 is a pin-compatible default high isolator like the ADuM3442. If it is beneficial for this particular application to switch to a default low isolator, the ADuM142E0 is also pin-compatible with the ADuM3442.