LTC4332 Is Slave Select (SSx) independent of SCK


I would like to use one of the slave select signals as a general purpose digital output (on the slave side) without a SPI data transfer in the same way that the CTRL pin can be used on the LTC4331 (I2C slave extender) LTC4331 DS page 16, Control.

Is this possible?

The LTC4332 data sheet does not seem to indicate if this is possible or not.



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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Dec 8, 2020 1:11 AM

    Hi Mike, 

    It certainly wouldn't have the same level of flexibility that the LTC4331 CTRL pin has, but it might be possible to use one of the LTC4332 remote slave selects to toggle a function on/off on the remote side.

    More than one slave select cannot be asserted at the same time. One of the slave selects could be held in a given state for a short period. It might be possible to cobble something together with those restrictions. This isn't a function the LTC4332 was previously evaluated for though. 



  • Thanks Jason,

    The general purpose output will be used independently to the two other SPI devices on the remote side - so should be fine, but I'll get an evaluation board to confirm before committing to the design.



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