Is there an isolated DC/DC 3.3V efficient at low current (less than 2mA)


I am working in the isolation stage of an ultra-low power application. I need to produce an isolated power supply for the isolated side and I have not found an Isolated DC/DC 3.3V to 3.3V efficient at less than 2mA of current.

The most adapted solution that I found in analog is the Adum5028 (less than 20% of efficiency at 2mA). Is there another one that is more efficient? Also, if the solution comes in a small footprint, way better.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 26, 2020 5:00 PM 1 month ago

    ADuM5028 is a very compact solution and although efficiency with small load is low, alternatives might be the same or lower. There are discrete power supply options such as flyback converters (e.g. LT8302) that offer higher output power & voltages, but the isoPower parts are convenient as small drop-in solutions without the need to design an application-specific isolated power supply.

  • ConalW, I checked the parts that you mentioned and I did not find an application circuit with a Vin=3.3V and a Vout isolated= 3.3V.

    And in most of the cases, the curves of efficiency does not show the efficiency at low currents.

    I am working in a specific application and I need efficient isolated power 3.3V from 3.3V power supply at low current levels (less than 2mA).

    If there is no more efficient option than the ADuM5028, I will buy it.

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