Invert input polarity in ADN4654 isolator

It is posible to invert LVDS inputs in a ADN4654 isolator?

We have a LVDS outup form ADC and, because of pcb routing issues, it would be desirable to connect the Positive LVDS output to negative input in ADN4654 an the Negative LVDS output to positive input, inverting the polarity of the signal. Is this posible?

And, it is posible to do the same thing in the output stage to recover the "correct" signal polarity?

Thanks in advance.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 17, 2020 2:29 PM 2 months ago

    Yes, the only impact of reversing Din+ and Din- should be to invert the logic; and reversing Dout+, Dout- will correct this again.

    If there is any idle state expected (LVDS source inactive), then you will need to bias the inputs appropriately to ensure the desired failsafe level (logic 0 or 1) - again you can ignore whether you've flipped ADN4654 inputs/outputs (if both sides are flipped); just refer to the source and destination to choose the desired failsafe level. ADN4654 does not have any built-in failsafe for an undriven input.


    Conal Watterson