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Difference between ADuM5201CRWZ and ADuM5201WCRWZ


could you help tell me what the difference between ADuM5201CRWZ and ADuM5201WCRWZ is?

ADuM5201CRWZ  has 500mW output power but ADuM5201WCRWZ just only output 400mW.

and both have the same operating temperature range of -40C to +105C.

I just guess they are the same die, but automotive-qualified parts should be tested with stricter conditions, am I right?

but why does WCRWZ has less output power than CRWZ?

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  • Hi Leo, 

    The ADuM5201W has a thicker insulation barrier process. The thicker barrier causes lower efficiency than the industrial grade. Due to the thermal limitations of the SOIC packaging, the output is de-rated.

    If the application needs an automotive grade and more than 400mW, the ADuM5401W-1 would be the part to consider.