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ADM3066E crossing A-B for inverted logic


I have 2 circuits which have the ADM3066E for Single-ended to RS485 translation.

I'd like to invert the logic so when circuit 1 transmits "high", circuit 2 will read "low", without changing the circuits.

Will it work well if I only connect the A pin of circuit to pin B on circuit 2 (and B to A in the same way)?


  • Hello, 

    Your solution will work well, 

    It's worth noting that when the circuit 1 is not transmitting, the A/B bus will be idle ( differential voltage Va-Vb = 0V ) and receiver circuit 2 will receive a logic 1. The receiver failsafe circuitry within the ADM3066E means the receiver outputs a logic 1 when Va-Vb = 0V

    Circuit 1 Bus State Circuit #2 (reversed)
    Transmitting High (DI = DE = 1) Bus High (VA - VB > 200mV) Receiving Low (RO = 0)
    Transmitting Low (DI = 0, DE = 1) Bus Low (VA - VB < -200mV) Receiving High (RO = 1)
    Driver Disabled (DE = 0) Bus idle (VA - VB = 0V) Failsafe High (RO = 1)



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