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ADM2867E Radiation


I'm a DAFE in Japan. Our customer is interested in ADM2867E due to Low Radiated Emissions. Then he wants to know the data of Radiated Emissions higher than 1GHz. Could you please give us it?



  • Hi, Thomas from Austria- we have a issue with the radiation at 3.77 and 4.02 GHz, violating RX limits of EN 302 571. Until now we could not identfy if it is emitted directly from the chip or via the PCB. We used the reference design from the Datasheet.
    the source is clearly the ADM2867E.
    Do you have any hints how to improve this behaviour?

  • Hi Thomas,

    Could you share more details on the emission levels you are seeing with the device? I am surprised to see the 4.02GHz frequency appear from the ADM2867E. 

    If possible I would recommend reducing the size of the GND2 plane -> This will reduce the antenna area and form a less efficient dipole antenna. If this is not possible and you need a large secondary side ground plane, inductive/ferrite filter can be used to separate an small GND2 plane of the ADM2867E from the rest of the secondary side ground plane. 



  • Hi Neil, thanks for the feedback.

    The 4.205 GHz is gone, when Vcc is disconnected. The 3.77 needs Vio and the UART to be down.
    the 3.77GHz look like this (Frequency depends slightly on temperature:

    I will send the 4.205 when I get it.


  • Regarding GND2- we do not have a plane for GND2, it looks like this:

    We will interrupt it with an inductor close to the chip and see if it helps.


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