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(ADuM3224)Short output


Customers are looking for a gate driver with a drive capacity of around 7A.

What is needed is an insulated gate driver.

Is it okay if the outputs of the ADUM3224 are short-circuited and driven in parallel?

Personally, I am worried that I can not switch well when there is a difference in the delay time of A channel and B channel.

Also, is there a single gate driver that can drive 7A?

May need to be single buffered with a single channel isolated gate driver

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  • Hello Kawa,

    Paralleling gate drivers is not recommended as any time mismatch will lead to a shoot-through condition on the drives themselves. Do you know if the customer is looking for a "7 A rated" part, or is actually looking to achieve 7 A peak during a normal turn on/off? The datasheet claims for peak current vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Sometimes a typical short circuit rating is mentioned, but this number isn't what is usually seen in application because there is almost always an external series gate resistor. For a 15 V drive, to achieve 7 A, the total series resistance including the internal and external resistances would need to be less than 2.14 Ω.

    The ADuM3224 will provide around 6 A of current if the output is shorted to ground. This is not how the part is intended to be used, and repeated and sustained operation like this may damage the part.

    We do have drivers that can provide very high currents. One example is the ADuM4135. The datasheet title mentions 4 A, but if you look in the application figures, you can see the part can achieve much higher currents, even with an external series gate resistor. The 4 A number in the datasheet title is telling the user that they will be able to achieve at least 4 A. With a 2 Ω external resistor, the part can still put out around 8 A at 25 V.

    Is there a specific gate charge and rise/fall time the user is attempting to achieve? If so, we can show the designer how fast our drivers can achieve this.


  • Hi RSchnell

    I explained this to my customer and they understood.

    They want to 7A peak driver so I am proposing them ADuM4135 right now.

    Best regards


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