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Beat frequency when using multiple ADuM5020/5028?


I am designing a multi-phase inverter (e.g., 12 phases) and thinking of using multiple ADuM5020/5028 to individually power multiple ADuM7701 for in-line phase current measurements. 

I wonder if using multiple of the ADuM5020/5028 would cause a beat frequency issue. This concern is raised when I review a similar product from other companies, e.g., UCC 12050 from TI, which warns such an issue. Could you please address my concern so that I can select ADuM5020/5028 with confidence? 

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  • Hi Minkyun:

    to cancel beat frequency, all the switching power supply must syn the switching frequency. unfortunately, ADuM5020/28 does not have this function. ADuM5000 can be considered. it can be configure to master mode or slave mode. a slave will receive PWM signal from a master. then they can syn together. the drawback is slave will lose the regulation to output voltage because the duty cycle is not determined by its own controller circuit.