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H-bridge application of ADuM4223 for stepper motor

Hello Team,

I am using ADuM4223 in H-bridge for driving stepper motor ( model no.: 34HS46-5004D-E1000)

Below is schematic of stepper motor driver circuit. Here, 12V is supplied to ADuM4223 and  24V supplied to H-Bridge. Host micro controller is used for controlling motor. 

I am facing problem of MOSFET (csd18537nkcs) damage. Vds of MOSFET is 60V and Id is 50A.

The frequency of failure of MOSFET is not fixed.  Some times driver runs for 20 day continuously. System involves frequent ON and OFF operations in different modes.    

Please guide me on this. Let me know any other information needed.


  • Hello Kiran,

    The ADuM4223 has a long history of successful applications, and many hours logged of operation. I don't see anything immediately obvious on what could be causing the failures, but there are some debugging tests we can look at to investigate:

    1) The ADuM4223 has a very powerful gate drive. The turn off path has a diode with no external series gate resistor. Is it possible to get a waveform of the lowside VOB to GNDB pin? We can look for undershoot. Too much undershoot could cause an issue. This is a difficult measurement to make cleanly, and we might get what looks to be undershoot, when it is just measurement noise. A physically small measurement loop is suggested.

    2) Is there any chance of the controller accidently causing a shoot through command (for example both inputs high at the same time). How much deadtime is being added by the controller to distance the turn off edges from the turn on edges? Is it possible to get a waveform of the VIA and VIB signals?

    3) What dv/dt is being seen at the MW_A to GND and MW_B to GND nodes? Is this exceeding 25 kV/µs? I don't think it will with a bus voltage of 24 V.



  • Hi ,

    Thank you for reply.

    Please find below waveform details.

    1. VOB signal at 30 RPM.

    2. VOB signal at 120 RPM

    3. VIA and VIB signal at 120 RPM

    4. MWA and MWB at 20 RPM

    5. MWA and MWB at 120 RPM

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