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Can one use the ADM3067by connecting the RO output to the DI input and get what is effectively

the same differential signal from A,B  out of Y,Z?  This assumes the enables or the receiver and

driver are properly set.

  • Hello, 

    Is the idea to use the ADM3067E as a repeater function? If this is in a point to point network or a multidrop network, you can permanently enable both the ADM3067E driver and receiver (by setting RE to GND and DE to GND). Any data received on the A,B pins will be transmitted out the Y,Z pins.  

    If the Y/Z pins of the ADM3067E are to be connected to more than one device on a multipoint network, where multiple devices can transmit, this approach won't work. To avoid bus contention, you would need some flow control circuitry to drive the DE pin of the ADM3067E.