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ADuM3400 & ADuM140E1 Internal ESD enhancements


I am considering latchup on the ADuM3400 and ADuM140E1.
I have two questions.

① According to AN-793, ADuM3400 has improved design of ESD enhancements.
Is this design improvement applied to the ADuM140E1?

② Does the ADuM3400 and ADuM140E1 have the transient absorbing Zener diode described in AN-793?

Best Regards


  • Hi Yuya, 

    It's important not to violate the datasheet's absolute maximum conditions in order to protect against latchup. A latchup event may lead to junction temps beyond the safe limiting power. One method would be to add external Zener diodes. Both isolators would need external components if they were to be subjected to stresses beyond the abs max conditions in the application.


  • Hi, Jason

    Thank you for your answer.
    In order to protect the latchup, both ADuM3400 and ADuM140E1 need to add an external Zener diode, for example.

    I understood that there is no Zener diode for ESD design improvement inside the IC.

    Do you have the answer as to whether the ADuM140E1 has the additional improvements that the ADuM3400 also has? (Contents described in AN-793)

    Best regareds,


  • Hi Yuya, 

    I don't have the specific techniques used for the ADuM140E1. But the ADuM140E1 isolator pins pass +/-4kV HBM ESD testing to the local ground just like the ADuM3400 pins do.  



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