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Can a ADuM1250 be used to isolate a 5V GPIO?


Because the GPIO can use S/W programming input or output,
so need support bidirectional isolator.
Can a ADuM1250 be used to isolator a digital interface 5V GPIO?
or ADuM1250 support I2C interface only?

And ADuM1250 side2 output current driving is 100mA,right?

  • Hi,

    The ADuM1250 is not constrained only to I2C applications.

    It can be powered from 5V. But the ADuM1250 is an open collector output, so a pull up will be required to produce a logic high state. The Side2 outputs can sink up to 30mA while meeting the logic levels specified the datasheet. (See table 1 for detailed specs)