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(ADuM4138/ADuM4137)Differences between the ADuM4137 and ADuM4138


I would like to see the differences between the ADuM4137 and ADuM4138, but I am still reading the datasheet.

Are there any major feature differences besides having a flyback controller?
For example, the fault detection function is different.
If there are other major differences, please let me know.

Best regards


  • Hello Kawa,

    The ADuM4137 and ADuM4138 are both from the same model family, so they do indeed have many similarities. The major feature differences of the ADuM4137 are:

    1) No Flyback Controller

    2) Multiple fault reporting pins to help differentiate faults

    3) No PGOOD pin

    4) DESAT protection was removed to allow for ASC pin. The ASC pin allows the output to be driven high by a command on the secondary side.

    5) SPI communication requires UVLO_nFault to be driven low before communication begins. This is to increase the functional safety of the SPI by requiring two external signals to begin a transmission.


  • Hi RSchnell

    Thank you for your reply.

    I understood.

    Can we use ADuM4138 at the High side and ADuM4137 at Low side and use daisy chain?

    Best regards


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