ADN4654 for isolating MIPI CSI-2

As mentioned in the last paragraph of page-20 of the Datasheet, ADN4654 can be used for isolating MIPI CSI-2.

I made a design like this. I found that when ADN4654 transmits high frequency HS-TX, the signal can be transmitted normally,

but when transmitting low frequency LP-TX, the signal cannot be transmitted normally.

Please refer to attached file. 

Excuse me, what is the possible cause of the problem?

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  • The MIPI-CSI2 protocol not only uses differential signaling (which ADN4654 can isolate) but also has "low power" signaling where the exact same pairs of wires previously used for differential signals, are used independently for single ended signal combinations. Building a circuit to dynamically switch to standard isolators for low power is challenging, as the protocol state needs to be detected.

    The most efficient way for now to isolate MIPI-CSI2 with ADN4654 is to use a video conversion chip or FPGA to convert the imaging data from MIPI-CSI2 to LVDS.


    Conal Watterson

  • Whats your suggestion after ADN4653? Would that work with normaly MIPI DPHY receiver directly? 

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