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My aim is to switch a pair of FET's between 90V and 0V. Our requirement is to
switch it and hold the mentioned levels at the output (infinitely).
kindly check the circuit
which i designed for the same function.
Please confirm whether this arrangement is fine.

  • Divakm:

    Sorry to hear your question about the ADum5230 was not answered since January 2018, it could be that it was placed in the ADIsimPE forum, generally it would be in the Interface and Isolation.  The circuit you attached is very simple, a more detailed application circuit would be Figure 25 of the datasheet, which has the bypass capacitors (values usually 1 to 10uF) and output buffer transistors used to drive the MOSFETs connected to +HV and -HV (in your case +HV = +90V and -HV = 0V). 

    Are you just turning on the +90V to stay on constantly by asserting a High level on VIA and you don't need to pull the output to 0V? If so you may not need the output buffer transistors, and just the MOSFET that connects to the +HV, and the MOSFET on the -HV may not be needed.



  • Thank you for the reply..

    My Aim is to switch between 90 and 0V but the duration of switching between levels may be of the order of minutes.