ADM2587EBRWZ fall over after short time


I am using ADM2587EBRWZ.  Circuit diagrams attached.

I am using x2 of them as normal RS485 comms.

I am using x8 of them in receive mode only for translating between differential pair RS485 lines to x8 single control lines going to a MCU.

Altogether then x10 of them.

After building prototype and putting power on the board, it appears that the regulators supplying 5V to the devices run ok for a while and then suddenly some of them and eventually all of them starts to get hot, draws more and more current and then stop supplying correct voltage etc.

I then removed all of the regulators and powered only one of the devices from a bench power supply.  So it appears the problem is not the supply.

Not sure if the device is perhaps getting unstable for some reason and if so why...or what else could be the problem.

I asked Analog Devices back when doing the design for the circuit to check my circuits and they said it was ok...

Can someone please double check me or perhaps what else could the problem be ??