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ADN4655 unused inputs and outputs


I am using ADN4655 in an application to isolate LVDS and I have one input and one output on another IC that are not used. I didn't see any guidelines for the LVDS isolators on what to do with the unused pins. I am assuming the best thing to do for the output is terminate it with 100 ohms, but I'm not sure what the best approach at the input is.



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  • Termination at the input with 100 ohms will be sufficient for ADN4655 and ADN4656. ADN4654 doesn't have the terminated failsafe built-in, so external biasing would be required (pull-up on D+, pull-down on D- to ensure >100 mV for logic 1).

    ADN4655 will output a stable logic 1 when the input is just terminated by 100 Ohm, no other connections/biasing required.

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